Performance processing a batch

I have Amibroker 6.49.1 installed on two virtual private servers.
One is running windows server 2012R2
The other is running windows server 2022
Both systems have all updates applied. The afl and apx files are identical on both servers. All the Preferences are set the same on both servers.
The drive and folder structures are identical and the Norgate databases are the same.
I have run benchmark testing on the two servers and found the 2022 server is significantly higher performance on tests run. That is a batch that takes about 15 minutes.
Both servers run the same batch (copied from one server tot he other).
However, the 2022 server (which has a faster processor) runs the batch much much slower than the 2012 server.
Can you suggest any reasons why this would happen? I have checked the database settings to ensure they are the same. I have re downloaded the Norgate databases.
Looking at the time it takes to run the batches, the 2022 server is almost 50% slower. Web research does not reveal any useful explanations.
Discs have been checked. SFC /scannow run. Discs are optimised.
Any ideas appreciated.

Hello stevecar144,

for me there are things mixed and unclear to understand ...

  1. 2012r2 and 2022 server running on different bare metal, you write 2022 has faster cpu ?
  2. what is your virtualizing layer, vmware, hyper-v, virtualbox, any linux ... ?
  3. is your server rent in the cloud at a hoster or bare metal at your home ?
  4. how is cpu and memory design of your vms ?
  5. did you have a look in task manager when running your apx ?
  6. did you set your energy plan in 2022 to performance NOT balanced ?
  7. disable power saving options in bios if possible
  8. start broker.exe as high priority process within windows server
  9. exclude broker.exe and your database path from windows defender

Best regards,

Re point 9: I suggest excluding also everything from Norgate (app and their original database)

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Typically data access performance, not the CPU, is the limiting factor. So don't compare CPUs because it is not relevant to batch process.

Performance tuning tips chapter in the guide: Performance tuning tips

Virtual Private Servers are SHARED servers and generally are totally unreliable because depending on other people using the same hardware your mileage may vary. You simply don't know what other people on same server are doing and how much hardware resources they are using. All those resource "guarantees" are irrelevant when you have just one harddisk / SSD that is shared among people you don't know anything about. It is enough that just one user on your box is doing constant writes to SSD and performance goes downhill as SSD are having hard time keeping up with constant (non-burst) long-term writes.

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Thanks for the reply,

The answer that worked for me was to exclude the Amibroker folder from windows antivirus.
My Norgate data is installed in that folder.

Super appreciate the ideas.
I did try setting Amibroker to high priority and have already set power options. These made no difference. As the problem is solved I did not look into the other possibilities.

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