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How do I change periodicity setting in the analysis settings. I imported 5 minute data and my data base setting is set to 5 minute data but I do not have the option to change it to like a 30 minute chart or a 4 hour chart only the default options in the image attached. I tried changing my database time setting to multiple different options but none of them gave me the option to backtest my desired time period.
ThanksScreenshot 2021-01-06 141337 Screenshot 2021-01-06 141337

Welcome to the forum, Flip!

Go to Tools->Preferences->Intraday.

Set your desired custom time frame(s) there, and then Apply/Ok. Return to your Analysis Settings, and the new time frame(s) should now be available. (I set mine to 30 to demonstrate).

custom time frame settings

custom time frame settings2

When you're done, you might want to save your preferences Tools ->Save Preferences


Thank you that worked. If im familiar with IB's API through python should I have no trouble getting up and running on afl?

I'm not exactly certain what you're asking. Assuming you're talking about integrating AB with IB's API/Python to automate trading with AB, I believe there are at least a couple of ways to approach it.

You've probably already seen this one, which is helpful as an example to get the two components talking to each other:

That being said, it's currently outside my scope of expertise, though I'm likely to be using the same path in a few months.

Further questions on that topic would likely get better responses as a separate topic.


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