Phantom signals

I thought it best to start a new topic on this issue. I apologize to Pinecone for clouding up their previous post.

I consider a "Phantom" signal to be one that appears, intra-bar, and is not present at bar-close.

Certainly, one can simply trade the next-bar open and never have to deal with these Phantoms. However, I suggest that we are missing some valuable information, were we to simply trade "next-bar".

Yep, I'm wanting to have my cake............and eat it also!


When I keep track of these instances, accepting the signal is more helpful! Of course, this means that I must have code to follow this separate path (not an issue).

Since this is a very common situation, I'm hopeful to get some interaction as to how folks deal with such. Again, I'm primarily looking for discussion.

You know, I don't have to be a marketing genius to recognize that "TJ" could sell more product if he were to have a more vibrant community. What might be your thoughts?

Don't blame the community. It is not only vibrant but also knowledgeable. And the second factor is more precious than just frequency of posts. Quality matters, not quantity.
Maybe your question isn't something anyone cares about. Maybe it is already answered and nobody wants to do your homework (searching the forum before asking) Quite simply, if you want to trade with higher frequency you should use finer timeframe and act on completed bars in that finer timeframe.


Thank you Tomasz for your time and guidance! My post was an attempt to encourage participation ---- it was poorly written and should not have been posted. My sincere apology to you and all forum members.

Just some facts vs. your incorrect assumptions.

This forum has a posting rate of 50 posts per day on average.
Tell me one forum of same software category (of a company) having extensively more posts on average.

Also there have been some stats released about response speed.
AFAIR it is just a few minutes on average. Perhaps within an hour now.

And FYI, chat and forum are two different things.


So your comment completely misses the target.
If it would be about playing Golf your ball would have bunker membership.


I again sincerely apologize to all participants in the forum. I should not have posted such a comment.

I think I answered your question in this thread:

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