Pinescript to AFL coder

Hi there,

Is there anyone in the community who can convert Pinescript to AFL?

Many thanks, Joe

I can but what's your issue.

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Hi there, it is to transcribe the indicator named Bridge Bands [joecat808] by calebsandfort from Trading View. I have the permission of JoeCat to convert in order to do some backtesting on Amibroker. Perhaps both of you could have a look to confirm and indicate cost etc? Many thanks, Joe

The code does not have trading rules. It just has plot shapes.

Here is how it currently looks in AmiBroker.


Do you need Long and Short or just Long or Short?


Your skills continually amaze me.

Hi @fxshrat, that looks great! You've got the skills for sure! Given how accurate it looks I take it you have the setting inputs coded too (attached)?

I plan to use it to scan for stocks over the trade and trend line, however as originally mentioned I want to do some backtesting but I'm still tweaking what I exactly want to look at.. I'll revert back tomorrow when I've got some downtime. Can we come to some arrangement for your coding time?

Many thanks again, splendid effort, regards, Joe

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 21.13.51

Yes, sure.


On a side note... such conversions are not rocket science. Everyone can do it.
It just takes time (some more or some less)...

You may contact me at fxshrat [at] gmail [dot] com


Thanks - unfortunately time is the main issue! Appreciate your skills. I'll drop you an email with the backtest specs.

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