Planned server maintenance

Just for your information:
We will be doing planned server maintenance/upgrade for this Saturday night/morning (January 6th, 2018). Exact times will be posted in this thread. This may cause temporary downtime for main site.
Forum ( should be unaffected as it is running on separate server.

Main server will experience approx 30 minutes of downtime starting
from 21:00 GMT (4:00 PM EST) today (January 9, 2017). We are upgrading server Operating System to most recent one.

This should NOT affect which is running on separate server.

Apologies for inconvenience.

An updated server seems to be operating properly. However if you notice anything strange / incorrect please let me know. Thank you in advance.

The email referenced here is and emails to that address continue to be problematic.

When I send to that address I am presented with this reply indicating that the message is undeliverable.

Thanks we are checking that at the moment. Will keep you updated in this thread.

Indeed after OS update paths to some services have changed and some scripts could not find the old paths. This is now fixed. Only new tickets experienced problem. Replies were going just fine.

Apologies for this inconvenience.

I don’t receive any posts from since yestarday. Why?

The firewall update @ mailserver blocked the IP of the forum. Now it is fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.

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I think that again it happens.

No it doesn't. I checked and I received the test email in one second. If you are using gmail you may see it in SPAM

But, there aren't any fails mails. I had no problems before (only yesterday and today). Last received post is from 17:26.

When you are logged in on forum site, you won't get e-mails. You only get emails when you are NOT logged in, unless you go to your profile settings and change the preferences to deliver emails even if you are logged in.

The option is called "Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site" and it is in your Profile->Emails

This option was marked.

I've sent you test message from the forum and you should have it in your inbox in few seconds.

Test result:
"You're listed in 3 blacklists
Matches your server IP address ........against 25 of the most common IPv4 blacklists."

Is it this problem?

There is NO problem.

You received the test email? Yes. Than it means that email works from our side.
The content of test email is boilerplate template test email with text addressed to forum admins from Discourse and you just ignore it.

Did you click on links in that email? Then you found out that your ISP IP is blacklisted. But it has nothing to do with ability to receive email.

The point was if you are getting the TEST EMAIL.

BTW: the IP of server did NOT change and no, our server is not on any black lists.

Update : I just tested with testing gmail account and it worked just fine.


It was slow (i.e. it took Google over 2 minutes to "notice" that email was sent but it arrived). Any other account than Gmail works in one second.

Update 2: I found some emails to be still in the queue deferred for later delivery. This could happen if more than 512 emails per hour are attempted. Such emails are not lost they are just deferred for later delivery to avoid "flood" of email that may cause recipient servers to think that we are trying to "attack" them. Since many people are using GMail and many users are subscribed for "all" topic updates this rate limiting mechanism can kick in.

The server maintenance has been completed