Please help me! How to uses "web research" function with this URL?

I’m having a problem When I using the Web Research function on amibrocker with Website

The URL of this site with NHA company:

and with L14company:

I tried to follow the instructions here:
but it seems that everything is not going right. What is the correct URL? Hope somebody can help me. Thanks a lot !!!

I don't understand Vietnamese language but...


in to URL field of Tools-Customize-Web pages (hyphen after ticker seems to be mandatory to make it work). And in Description field add something of your choice. I have tested with NHA and L14 and it worked.

See picture

Thank you very much for your help, that is great! I love you!!!

@fxshrat, please help me one again, I want to change Internet Explore by google Chrome to view “web research” function. Please tell me How to make it? Thank you!!!