Please help me with Code!

Hello Experts,
Please help me to fix a problem which I am not able to do for a long time.
(Ref(Apc, -1) < Ref(TimeFrameExpand(EMA5, inDaily), -1))
Now the problem I am facing is when I remove -1 then it works beautifully, I want the above values for previous day . EMA5 and Apc are well defined . I am using this condition in 5 mins interval. I cant get value for Previous day when I scan the results in Analysis. This function has no response.
Please let me know the problem here !

Thank you so much !!


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I have a verified badge but it seems my username is different here, I tried every bit of it but dont know how to change it from default or change my previous verified badge name .
Please help

Use the Username you entered to get 'Verified Badge'.

It's against forum rules to use multiple Usernames / profiles.

Thats my question how to use that ?
I want to shift to the verified one which is DrVikas
Tell me how to do that its almost 4 years old username which I dont remember.

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