Please support Quandl CHRIS database

I’m interested in purchasing AmiQuote, but I understand it only supports automatic import using the EOD database, not the CHRIS database. If I have to import the data manually, I may as well just download it manually or using some free data downloader, as AmiQuote adds little value in this case.

Would you consider adding support for the CHRIS database? I realize you can’t support every Quandl database, but CHRIS is the most popular database for free commodity data. Since most AmiBroker users are trading either stocks or commodities, it would certainly make sense to support this database in AmiQuote.

Special cases do not make much sense. There will be system solution to allow automatic import of any QuanDL database/source if only proper format definition file is present in Formats directory.

OK, that sounds great! Do you have an ETA?

Have you tried this as alternative? (click through quote to get link)

Yes, I’ve used it for years and it’s great. However, I’m interested in transitioning to the AmiQuote Quandl support for two reasons:

  1. Since the AW plugin updates the chart on demand, each time you switch to a different chart, there’s a delay of a few seconds before the chart updates. I’d prefer to download all my data in a batch, so all the charts always have the latest data.

  2. Since Quandl doesn’t provide FX data, I have to download my FX data to a separate database. I’d prefer to use AmiQuote to download all my data into a single database.

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You can do an explorer updating all symbols and after set my plugin as offline by right clicking status and selecting Go Offline


It is supported in AQ 3.27 - available now.


Where is this Chris Format ? Do you have a link ? thanks...