Please what code to make space Up, like code space down \n . Thanks very much

This code to make space down : \n

if( Buy[i] ) PlotText( "\n\nBuy\n" +Buy1, i, L[ i ]-dist1[i] ,
colorGreen );

if I want make space up, have code like \n (space down). Thanks very muchspace%20up

You do not need to write L[i] - dist[i] as PlotText has y-offset argument already (last argument of PlotText).

Use forum search!

For Buy very good possition, because have space down \n

dist1 = 0.1ATR(10);
dist2 = 1.8

for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ )
if( Buy[i] ) PlotText( "\n\nBuy\n" + Buy1, i, L[ i ]-dist1[i] ,
colorGreen );

if( Sell[i] ) PlotText( "Sell\n" + Sell1, i, H[ i ]+dist2[i],colorRed);

Look at the examples. You can make positive or negative y-offset (Once again LAST ARGUMENT OF PLOTTEXT). Once again read MANUAL! You do not need ATR nonsense.

And for the record use CODE TAGS if inserting code!

Why do people not read or why they are not able to read???

Examples on how to set y-offset exist already.

Sorry if I am wrong and I still really need a lot of learning. Can you edit the code correctly and give the correct example. I am very grateful for the help

This forum is not a free coding service!

It's unlikely you will receive any further help if you don't even try to get the code correct yourself! If you can't be bothered helping yourself then why would other people be bothered to help you!

Make an attempt and then post up your code (using Code Tags) and I'm sure you then will get further help.

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