Plot chart on center of the screen

Hii all ,
Little help,
When I scroll the symbol list , I always manually adjust the
charts to the center of the screen.
Is there anyway to plot chart always on the center of the screen ?


Maybe you can try

GraphXSpace = 10;

hello @sandeep
Yes, we can use the seventh parameter of Plot() function for the xshift

Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleCandle ,0,0,-60);

i wrote an example you may like to use it, in this link and the shift back included.

  1. Chart Axis X
  2. Chart Axis Y
  3. Invert Chart
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thanx buddy but ,it shrinks the chart not centered

thanx buddy , but it shift the chart not centered.

The other way to shift or to adjust to the center all Amibroker chart to the cender is to go in preference and add more blank bars from 5 to maybe 60.

No, to center the chart vertically you just have to double-(left)click the price axis.


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Fxshrat the OP he need to center the chart horizontally

Where is that mentioned?
Is there anywhere mentioned "horizontally" ?
His chart tells me different story.
It is not centered vertically .
Price is at the bottom.

BTW, @Sandeep set scaling to automatic in Chart Properties.
(It looks like as it is the case on your end so just serving as additional info, because if it's set to custom minimum and maximum then double click on price axis will not have any effect.)

As you can see it remains centered vertically is scrolling WL.
So you just have to double click price axis once.


Only the OP can clarify this issue, but looking at the posted image where there are many additional indicator values printed, I cannot exclude that in his formula there is something that may be the cause of this "shift."

In such a case, the only way for him to get a working answer is to post the entire code to replicate the chart.


If you refer to the below symbol then you need to look at the scroll bar.
That symbol simply does not have enough price data to fill in the same number of visual bars of the zoom level of all other symbols. You can not move the price to the right if there is nothing more there on the left. Get more data for that symbol. If it does not have more data (for whatever reason) then you have to live it that fact.


See the difference of scroll bar here below.
That symbol has much more historical data and as such can hold more visual number of bars of zoom level.

If you want to have all symbols price data on the right side then remove right blank bar margin.
Go to Tools - Preferences - Charting and set right blank bars to e.g. zero, then restart AmiBroker.


(Make sure you have no blank margin set in SetChartOptions of your AFL that overrides UI setting.)

thanx fx for your effort, I will try.

I love when I learn the simplest of things on here! Thanks @fxshrat

There would be less "discovering" when people actually read at least TUTORIAL part of the manual. Really EVERYTHING is in the manual.

Shrinking, expanding and moving Y-axis scale

To move Y-axis scale hover the mouse to Y-axis area (marked with blue color in the picture above) and you will see that cursor changes to up/down arrow. Now you click and drag up/down Y axis and release button when the axis is in the correct position.

To shrink/expand Y-axis scale: press down SHIFT key and click in the Y-axis area, now shrink/expand Y axis scale by moving your mouse up and down. Release the button to finish.

To reset Y-axis scale and position simply double click in the Y-axis area.

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