Plot equity curve after doing a backtest

Hi Everyone!
I don't know what... but after doing a backtest, using the basic tools of AB, I can`t get the equity curve using the icon for that.

Try adding (double left click/insert/whatever) the afl to a chart from Charts Window>Equity>Portfolio.

Mine is specifically located at C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Equity

You might have deleted default _Equity charts. Running SETUP AGAIN (without uninstalling anything) should fix that.

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I solved the issue with your help, but I don't know why appear this shapes when I select Individual equity and show buy and hold...

Even without selecting Buy and Hold...
it is as if it were replicating the system signals.

YOUR FORMULA is plotting those shapes. Check underlying formula (Right click and "Edit formula").

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It is not really important. It's just to keep track of every step in my learning.
Indeed my formula (LUXOR SYSTEM) has added the input and output signals with circles. I didn't think that if the main formula, to which the backtest is done, had them inside the code, these figures would be reflected in the pane resulting from selecting the individual equity icon.
Thank you very much for your answer...

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