Plot Return below price series with "returns" scale


I am new to AmiBroker, I would like to know how to plot Returns (I have calculated) below the price candle chart. So that it'll show price chart with price y axis and return chart with return y axis values.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Hurst Exponent");

// Enable basic chart framework.
SetChartOptions(0, chartShowArrows | chartShowDates); 
Plot(close,"Candle Close",colorOrange,styleCandle); 

// Calculate Daily Return Series
ret = log(Close / Ref(Close,-1));
panhgtmin = LowestVisibleValue(ret);
panhgtmax = HighestVisibleValue(ret);

//Plot Return Series
Plot(ret,"Return Series",colorBlue, styleLine | styleThick | styleOwnScale,panhgtmin,panhgtmax,0,0,1); 

// Filter Data to check values
Filter  = Close > 0;
AddColumn(Close,"Closing Price",1.2);
AddColumn(ret, "Daily return",1.2);



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