Plot title colors

I use the code below to plot buy rules being true or false. Is it possible to make the values for B, B1 etc in the chart title different colors?

Plot_Symbol_Buy = ParamToggle( "Symbol Buy Sigs", "No | Yes", 0 );
if ( Plot_Symbol_Buy == 1 )
_N(Title = StrFormat("B:%.0f, B1:%.0f, B2:%.0f, B3:%.0f",)


           Plot( Buy, 			"B", colorGreen, styleThick | styleHistogram);    
	Plot( BuyRule1, 	"1", styleNoLine);   
	Plot( BuyRule2, 	"2", styleNoLine);    
	Plot( BuyRule3, 	"3", styleNoLine);    `

@Rayden if you build your title in the standard way using {{VALUES}} for indicators in your title string template you'll get colors automatically.

Alternatively you can force custom colors using the EncodeColor().

This KB article will guide you.

In your code (ignoring other errors) the last 3 Plot lines are not correct. The 3rd argument should be a color, not the style. In any case, please, next time try to post a working example!