PlotOHLC with styleCloud

With this code:

fma = MA(C, 20);
sma = MA(C, 40);
color =IIf( fma > sma, colorGreen, colorRed );
PlotOHLC( fma, fma, sma, sma, "", color, styleCloud | styleNoLabel);

I get this result:


The switch points of cloud color (those pointed out within yellow circles) need some adjustment.
I've seen in the forum similar questions been solved by using the parameters of the PlotHOLC:
style with styleClipMinMax and different values for min and max. I'm not able to find a solution that works for me.

Please, any ideas for my use case?

That is perfectly normal. Color changes ON BAR grid, not somewhere else.
Remember, time on charts is DISCRETE, not continuous. What is really there are the POINTS in time (where quotes are). Continuous lines are illusion.

I see your point. Thank you, I appreciate your time.

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