Plotshapes works perfectly fine, was: does not work


I read manula, tried several examples. Not shows up. Of course, when I select Shows arrows for actual trades, it will show the built in arrows.

But, for example, I wanna draw a square to my Losser trades only, to see its circumtances, not do it. No error. No drawing.

Question1: Plotshapes work with exploration mode or should I need definn Buy and Shell arrays?
Question2: My own shapes should poped up automatically after Exploration or Backtest on the drawing or should I use right click->Shows arrows for actual trades?

Here is my snipet. "Looser" array true for each non profitable situation

if (S_touch AND H[i]>=S+myRangeRS){			           //Short on support and failed
		S_touch=False; check_S=True; profit_perc[i]=100*((-myRangeRS-spread)/S); 
		Cover[i]=True; CoverPrice[i]=S+myRangeRS-spread;
		Trade++; SumProfit=SumProfit+profit_perc[i]; ProfitAvg[i]=SumProfit/Trade; Breakout[i]=-1;
		CondV01[i]=CondV0[tS]; CondV11[i]=CondV1[tS]; CondV21[i]=CondV2[tS];
} //That is an block end from the missing part. 


PlotShapes(IIf(Looser,shapeSquare, shapeNone), colorRed, 0);

AddColumn(profit_perc, "Profit_perc", 1.2, colorDefault, IIf(profit_perc>0, colorGreen, colorred));

Addcolumn(Breakout, "R or S break", 1.0);
Addcolumn(ProfitAvg, "Avg. Profit%", 1.2);

I like Amibroker, I use Exploration toll is the Greates advanteage. But I need to khow to use this poltshape function.

Plotshapes does not work

Please read manual carefully.


Execute just below single line and you will see that it works perfectly fine!

PlotShapes(Cross(C,MA(C,20))*shapeSquare, colorRed, 0, 0, 0);

So for your whatever looser array variable

Looser = BarIndex() % 20 == 0;

PlotShapes(Looser*shapeSquare, colorRed, 0, 0, 0);


Thank you, but something I missed completly, becuase even your example is not showing anything.


No-one knows what you did and no-one sees the formula you are using. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

OMG. I got. I have to apply Indicator to show it up. Sorry. its works fine.

Thanks anyway.

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