Plotting a ribbon at the bottom of the chart

I saw this chart in the internet, and I tried to replicate it. I use a function like this:

PlotShapes( iif(BuyZone, shapeSquare, iif(ShortZone, shapeSquare, 0)), iif(BuyZone, colorGreen, iif(ShortZone, colorRed, 0)), 0, LLV(L, lastvalue(LastVisibleValue(barindex())) - FirstVisibleValue(barindex())), 8);

It worked as long as I have all the bars clustered together, but as I expand the bars, the visible bars on the screen become less, and I see the spaces between the square shapes, which I don't want. Please help me find a way. On the other hand, perhaps I shouldn't be using the PlotShapes function but to try and use some sort of Low-level graphics function instead.


@Clipper, please, search this forum for ribbon and you'll find many examples and links to explore different ways to build a ribbon (without using shapes).

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Yes, I did, and found the answer. My apology, I tried to delete the post at first, but people can still see it, so I just left the post as is. Thank you for your help.

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Nice chart, Minervini cheat?

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