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Hello Amibroker Community,

Tomasz wrote some really great Heiken Ashi Trading system code , which was published in S&C Magazine. I modified the code to plot the 0.5 threshold line but the Buy/Sell arrows won't plot. The code is as follows:

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APrice = ( Open + High + Low + Close )/4;
HaOpen = AMA( APrice , 0.5 );
HaHigh = Max( High, HaOpen );
HaLow = Min( Low, HaOpen );
HaClose = ( APrice + HaOpen + HaHigh + HaLow ) / 4;
typical = ( High + Low + Close ) / 3;
HaCAverage = 8;
TypicalAverage = 5;
AvgTyp = EMA( Typical, TypicalAverage );
AvgHaC = EMA( HaClose, HaCAverage );
CondSet = AvgTyp > AvgHaC AND Close > Open;
CondReset = AvgTyp < AvgHaC AND Close < Open;
SVEHaTypCrossInd = Flip( CondSet, CondReset );
Plot( SVEHaTypCrossInd, "SVEHaTypCrossInd", colorRed );
Buy = Cross( SVEHaTypCrossInd, 0.5 );
Sell = Cross( 0.5, SVEHaTypCrossInd );
Short = Sell;
Cover = Buy;

SetPositionSize( 100, spsShares ); // 100 shares per position
ApplyStop( stopTypeLoss, stopModePercent, 25, True );

PlotShapes( Buy*shapeUpArrow,colorGreen,0, L, Offset=-50); 
PlotShapes( Sell*shapeDownArrow,colorblack,0, H, Offset=50);

 // 25% stop loss
//—Tomasz Janeczko,

Can anyone shed some light as to why the Buy/Sell arrows won't plot. I use this same plotting code in my other formulas and I'm at a loss as to why this code doesn't work with this trading system.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Post the screenshot so anyone wanting to help sees how it looks on your end. Otherwise it is guessing game and waste of time. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

Without seeing any chart, I can only say try changing the Offset parameter in PlotShapes

This is the screen shot with the expected plot, but the buy sell arrows won't plot., no matter how I adjust the plot offset parameters, per Tomasz guidance.. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.

@brosario, you are plotting the shapes using for the yposition param the H and L, but your chart does not display the price serie....

PlotShapes( Buy*shapeUpArrow,colorGreen, 0,  SVEHaTypCrossInd);
PlotShapes( Sell*shapeDownArrow,colorblack, 0, SVEHaTypCrossInd);

Hello Beppe,

Thank you! your suggestions worked!

Greatly appreciated!


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