Plotting & Exploration of Applystop

In respect of the following

Applystop(stopTypeProfit, stopModePercent, 15, 1);

This all shows as expected in a backtest.

However I am not sure how to get the sell to show

  1. on an exploration report, and
  2. how to plot this on a chart

Any guidance will be appreciated

I have tried to emulate the take profit by adding code

ProfitThreshold = 0.15; // 15% profit threshold
SellProfit = (Close - BuyPrice) / BuyPrice >= ProfitThreshold;
Sell = SellProfit;

This however has not created a sell in the backtest, exploration or chart. :thinking:

@CNHTractor, please read this past answer and the linked documentation (in particular, as suggested, pay close attention to @Tomasz comments)

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