Plug-in (C++ DLL) not available in Amibroker


I am new to Amibroker. I wrote a plug-in as per the instructions provided in ADK.html and with the help of the sample code.

1 - I created a DLL (C++/x64, with a simple header/CPP files included) and I was able to see my plugin in Amibroker's plug-ins list. But, when I included the complex code (all the header files and dependencies) for connecting to the third party platform the plug-in is not visible in Amibroker.

2- Also if my project creates multiple DLLs with dependencies (boost, fmt etc) then do we need to add any specific details (getPluginInfo etc) to each dependency before compiling the project, and do we need to copy all the DLLs to the same plug-in folder?

Any help on this will be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Most common reason for plugin not to load is that your plugin DLL is missing dependencies.

Use Dependency Walker tool or CFF explorer it will reveal dependencies that you need. For more details see:

All dependencies must exist in DLL search path: