Plugin for AmiBroker 32


I developed a plugin for working with SQLite for Amibroker 64:

  • OS Windows 10, 64 bit
  • MS Visual Studio

Everything works perfectly with this plugin and Amibroker 64. For a number of reasons, I need to use Amibroker 32 under Windows 10, 64 bit at the same time. I have recompiled the project for Win 32. Compilation runs without errors, but Amibroker 32 does not define this plugin.

Colleagues, can anyone face this situation?

Best regards,

i have the same problem, amibroker 32 did not load afl plugin on win10, self the sample.dll provided with ADK

If you compile your plugin with ANY kind of dynamic linking you have to make sure you ship matching RUNTIME with your plugin.
It is as always documented already:

Google is your friend. Use it. Do the search with and you will find ALL answers to ALL Amibroker questions that you ever would have (see this in action)

Relevant answers are in top 3.

In my case, the error was a version mismatch - Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 distributed (x86) and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2017 distributed (x64) on my computer. After installing the correct version for x86, everything works correctly.

Thank you Tomasz. My problem is solved.