Plugin not installed, was: Errors OSAKA and ThCSV plugin code


After a pause (having used AB previously for many years), I recently installed v. 6.30.5 (64bit) on my new laptop. I copied formulae as well as plugins. Opening an existing afl-file, with an #include to my procedures, I now get these errors, related to Osaka, respectively ThCSV plugins:


Any help appreciated.


You do NOT have Osaka plugin installed. And because of that those Osaka plugin functions are unknown.

Plugins have BITNESS, you have to use appropriate plugin. 32-bit plugin for 32-bit application and 64-bit plugin for 64-bit application.

Thx Tomasz,

I don't understand what I need to do. Below is screenshot of my plug-ins. Downloaded OSAKA 64-bit from AB website and pasted it, together with previously used ThCSV64 plugin, into plugin folder:


But yes, they do not show up under Plugins in AB itself.

Can you pls tell me what I do wrong/what am I supposed to do?

Thx & KR,


They don't appear because they are old and were build with different runtime.

I don't know from where you got the plugins (they are NOT official), but they may be coming from old versions and as such might be using old VC2005 runtime. If that is the case you can follow this advice to install VC++2005 runtime:

Or.... just use 32-bit version of the program (it does not require extra runtime and uses just what is normally part of Windows)