Plugin window does not show Load, Unload buttons

I have Amibroker Professional (64 bit) 6.30.5. But, I don't find 'Load', 'Unload' buttons on the plugin window (Tools->Plug-ins) of my installation. As per this link Plugin Window , I should be seeing these two buttons. I tried searching google as well as the amibroker forum to see if anything has changed, but I don't find any update regarding these two buttons. Amibroker does load my dll when I put the dll in plugins folder, but I need to restart Amibroker for any changes to the plugin.

Is there anything that I am missing?

Screenshot of plugin window at my end:

These buttons were removed in 2010 permanently from AmiBroker for two reasons:

  • users were clicking on buttons without thinking, unloading data plugin(s) that were used by currently open database (which caused crash and they were complaining, even if obviously you can not cut the branch you are sitting on)

  • since multi-threading was implemented in 2010 there is no way to safely unload AFL plugins running in many parallel threads and possibly calling plugin functions while you are clicking on those buttons

The way to unload DATA plugin now is to open database that is NOT using the plugin or database that is using DIFFERENT plugin. AmiBroker will unload your previously used plugin.

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