Plugins for other langs [with multithreading and 64-bit]

Amibroker is a fantastic tool (great work Tomasz!). While I happily write AFL for its intended purposes (e.g. charting, backtesting, and optimization), I would like to integrate several large existing mature codebases written in other programming languages for use in Amibroker (as I cannot rewrite those codebases). I need to support multithreading and run on 64-bit platform, due to desired backtesting complexity and my system setup (thus ruling out COM / OLE and the 32-bit R plugin, respectively).

I have read the prior posts on the forum on this topic, including running python in Amibroker, running R in Amibroker, and 5 reasons why you should NOT write DLLs. I implemented the python bridge pattern using CreateObject (building on code posted by CesarA in Is it possible to run Python on Amibroker?, thanks Cesar!), so I am familiar with its limitations (e.g. single-threaded) and believe it does not satisfy my requirements. In searching the forum archives, I am unable to identify an existing means to satisfy the above requirements.

Am I correct the recommended method to meet the above requirements is to implement an Amibroker plugin for invoking the other language (via bridging through their respective virtual machine using C++), using the [Amibroker gitlab project]( (I am comfortable with C++ and writing bridge code for those virtual machines). If so, do plugin(s) exist for these other languages (i.e. r, python, and java)? The nearest project I found from google search is AmibrokerPython, yet that github project has not been updated in 5 years (and unclear if it ever worked).

Thanks in advance!

I have recently made plug-in integrating Python and AmiBroker:

It allows you to run python from AFL and it marshals AFL to Python variables and vice versa. I hope it solves your problems.