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Your favorite question asker here. For many years I used Clay Burch's TechniFilter Plus to do screening for point & figure patterns like a breakout above a previous column of Xs after being in a column of Os. What I would like to do is something like this:

addToComposite(pnfBreakout == 1, "~pnfBreakout", "C" );
addToComposite(pnfBreakdown == 1, "~pnfBreakdown", "C" );
plot(foreign("~pnfBreakout", "C") - foreign("~pnfBreakdown", "C"), colorBlue, styleLIne);

My question is this: Are there any existing P&F code snippets / functions that identify patterns
like 'in a column of Xs', 'on a P&F buy signal', 'triple bottom', etc? I did see the two Bullish Percent contributions, so I am guessing that there is some interest in the area. I have attached the doc page for TFPs formulas.

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tfp pnf formulas

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