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I tried this last December with no response, so here I go again. I started in this business doing p&f charts by hand, which was a great way to learn technical analysis. I gather from the forum that p&f support is a sensitive topic here. I don't need AB to draw p&f charts for me, but what I would like to see is native p&f support in AFL so we could easily screen for P&F patterns. AFL functions like these would be a great start:
Reverse to Xs.
Reverse to Os.
New X.
New O.
Double top.
Double bottom.
Bull signal.
Bear signal.
A great exemplar of these capabilities was TechniFilter Plus written by Clay Burch. Some older technicians still use it, even though it is long out of date, as many of its capabilities have yet to be surpassed.

Thanks for considering this,

 John--who is happy to discuss this at any length
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I note there are a number of PnF indicators and signals coded in Tradingview Pinescript that appear to be translatable into AFL and address many of the features you are looking for. Unfortunately, I haven't been very successful in translating them - but someone else may give it a try.

One example can be found at

Please log into Members area and you will find at least couple of P&F formulas


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