Poor performance of FastTrack

Just heads up:
As I have learned recently having FastTrack program installed on your machine causes slower startup. Without FastTrack installed loading FT.dll plugin takes 2 ms. With FastTrack program installed it slows down by factor of 200-10000x, so FT.dll requires anywhere from 300ms upto 60000 ms. For this reason we don’t recommend FastTrack. More appropriate name would be “SlowTrack”

I use the Fasttrack funds database with Amibroker and the load time is about four seconds.

It mainly depends on hard disk speed and the fact what antivirus you are using. Antiviruses are known to increase read times by factor of 4x or more. It is good idea to exclude data files from antivirus activity.
Four seconds is very good time for FastTrack, but at the same time 4000ms is quite long. Example load times for other plugins are:

CQG.dll (15.94 ms)
DDE.dll (43.26 ms)
eSignal.dll (134.08 ms)
IB.dll (31.37 ms)
IQFeed.dll (21.87 ms)
MS.dll (15.33 ms)
MT.dll (16.46 ms)
myTrk.dll (24.08 ms)
NOLI.dll (53.23 ms)
ODBC.dll (19.17 ms)
QP2.dll (50.14 ms)
QT.dll (16.94 ms)

So by comparison FT is slower by orders of magnitude.