Portfolio and underwater equity charts have disappeared in Backtest Report

A month or so ago the Portfolio Equity, Underwater Equity charts and Profit Table charts disappeared from the backtest report on my notebook. It's as though switches have turned them off, as only the Profit distribution, and Max Adverse/Favourable Excursion distributions are shown (Pro version)

I also run Amibroker on a desk machine, and there is no problem.

I have just installed the latest beta (64 bit) 6.35.1 on both machines and there is no change.

The new version has made no change to the notebook. I've looked at settings and appears ok.

Any clues?

Those are just charts created from AFLs coming with AmiBroker setup. They are part of Report Charts folder of Charts window. So you possibly have (accidentally) deleted them.

Most topics have been covered already in this forum so by using forum search feature one would get results such as this one

Thanks fxshrat, that indeed was the problem. Could not repair via upgrade, needed to uninstall & do a new install as there was an issue HtmlView2.

The cause was probably an apx file, how I work out which one is most likely trial and error.

HTMLView is just viewer of HTML files (web browser) and it only displays files generated earlier. If files generated don't have charts, no viewer would be able to display something that does not exist. As @fxshrat wrote you - report charts are totally user definable and if you deleted them from "Reports Charts" folder they will be missing.