Position value is expressed in base currency, was: Incorrect Position Value

Just recently I noticed that Amibroker backtest results present a 'Position Value' much less than expected. The attached trade example has PV equal to $33,022 when it should be $47,297 (12,349 shares x $3.83 entry price)


Can someone please advise where the error may be?


First please read this: How to ask a good question

Your post does not give all necessary info. The screenshot is truncated. No-one knows from where it comes. Formula is not given. Settings are not known.

On possible explanation is that if your security is traded in OTHER CURRENCY than base currency set in Preferences, then price will be expressed in INSTRUMENT currency, while position value is expressed in BASE currency.

Use this to debug your formulas:

you have the wrong currency set.

the current USDAUD exchange rate is approximately 0.698 USD/AUD, which is pretty much precisely what your position value vs expected position value is.

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Thanks Jani. Easy fix :slight_smile:

Actually I explained it already in my first response. It is not that currency is "wrong". It is that currency of instrument traded (AUD) is DIFFERENT than base currency set in preferences (USD). Position value is given in BASE currency.