PositionScore - Results not seen

I have built my first trade strategy (for shorts) and am running a Scan on yesterday's data to provide trades to enter today.

The code includes no Position Size or Max Positions since I prefer dealing with such issues elsewhere for now, so I am just looking for good candidates, given my filters.

The code works well but results in too many trades, so I added:

PositionScore = RSI();

expecting the list to be in order of RSI Score, but it has no effect on the list order (the order is the same with or without that line of code) so there must be something I still don't understand about using PositionScore.

If I had a way to add an RSI column to the list, just sorting using that column would serve the same purpose.

Thanks for any clues.

You should use an Explore instead of a Scan. The function SetSortColumns() will allow you to control the sorting.

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Working perfect now. Thanks.

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