Possibility to Express Sell Conditions with Buy Conditions

For a strategy like:

Buy = C>MA(C,5);
Sell = C<MA(C,5);

How can I express it in the following way, so that it would create the same entry/exit as above?

Sell = Not Buy;

I have recently developed various strategies and am thinking of combining them.
Strategy 1:

Buy = C>MA(C,5);
Sell = C<MA(C,5);

Strategy 2:

Buy = RSI(2)<30;
Sell = RSI(2)>70;

It is difficult to combine strategies with both buy and sell conditions. For buy condition, I can simply do "C>MA(C,5) or RSI(2)<30" to determine when I enter, but for sell conditions, I don't want the sell signal of strategy 2 to cause an exit to buy signal from strategy 1.
It would be very easy to combine strategies using "or"/"and" if it looks like this:

Buy = some sort of conditions;
Sell = not Buy;

Take a look here

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