Possible to Back test for long signal only?

Dear experts,

May i check if its possible to back test only for long or buy only signal only.

Thank you.

Sure, go to Analysis settings and select "Long" only.

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Thank you v m for your prompt reply as always. Why do I get only "A" tickers result from back testing, seem like I miss out something on the setting.

Probably you did not include position sizing in your formula and all funds go into first symbol.
Please read the manual Portfolio-level back testing

@Cubocubo, since you are getting all "A" tickers, it is very probable that you also did NOT set the PositionScore variable!

Please, study carefully the section of the User Guide suggested by @Tomasz, and check also this past thread to better understand what happens if you do not set the PositionScore.

thank you Tomasz and beppe!

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