Possible to do exploration in different time frames at the same time

I have an AFL exploration script that has separate if-then filter conditions on daily time frame and weekly time frame.

To do daily exploration, I configure "Analysis settings->periodicity" to daily.

To do weekly exploration, I configure "Analysis settings->periodicity" to weekly.

If both daily and weekly exploration returns true, it is a valid exploration hit.

The problem is I have to run explorations 2 times. It is troublesome to set periodicity to daily, then change to weekly manually, then compare the results. Is it possible to somehow do this exploration in a single run instead of 2?

You may save the AFL to two separate analysis project files (which save AFL and all analysis settings)... one set to daily and the other one set to weekly periodicity and then just open the analysis project files or create batch process to run both analysis sequentially. BTW, analysis project files can be opened from File - Recent files menu also (the ones that have been used previously)

As for batch... Read about it here. You can save to batch file which you just have to open and then hit run (or you may set schedule for automatic periodic run). Result list(s) may be exported to file (CSV or HTML) via batch too.

OR if you want to compare results side by side (columns for daily and weekly output in single result list) then use Time Frame functions (for weekly results) and just set periodicity to daily. You may still save to analysis project file to be loaded with saved settings (and may still create batch for additional use cases).