Possible to export analysis output as an image file?

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I couldn't find any assistance with this problem by searching the forums so came here to make a post.

ISSUE: I wish to export a few exploration outputs as image files to use in my notes, historically I have used a Microsoft snipping tool to do so manually, but it takes up a fair bit of time and effort. I am curious if anyone is aware of any code or inbuilt functions to export the output as an image file (not HTML or CSV, Colors are important).

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You can export to CSV or HTML from batch. HTML can be rendered to image

GUIDE: Batch Automated Image Screenshot of Exploration output

Following this method requires a third-party software image taking software known as 'ShareX', which is superior to alternatives such as gyazo.

Step One

  • Install Software. https://getsharex.com/
  • Open 'After Capture Tasks' and make sure": 'copy image to clipboard' & 'Save Image to file' is enabled.
  • Open 'hotkey settings' in Sharex and 'add' a new hotkey.
  • Name the hotkey (My Example will be named 'TEST').

Step Two

  • Press the settings cog button next to the hotkey.
  • Task should be set to: 'Screen-Capture'; Then > 'Capture Pre Configured Region'.
  • Open the 'Capture' Tab in the same menu, Click on 'Override Capture Settings'; THEN set the pre-configured region to your liking via 'Select Region'.
    (This is the FIXED dimension of the screenshot so either set it to the full screen of exploration output, or the lowest required dimension of your output).

Step Three

  • Create a batch file, then layer as below:

The layering of Batch File:

  1. Add analysis Project.
  2. Add explore command.
  3. Execute and Wait Parameter with the following settings:
  • "C:\Program Files\ShareX\ShareX.exe" -workflow "TEST"
  • "Test" is the designated hotkey name | -Workflow is the command to execute | Address of exe
  1. Relayer from step One.


  • The output of screenshots will be saved in a ShareX folder and the latest image to the clipboard.

  • If it isn't then (Open 'After Capture Tasks' and make sure 'copy image to clipboard' & 'Save Image to file' is enabled.)

  • As the dimensions of screenshots is fixed, setting the maximum required dimension or full screen will at times result in blank rows in the image, as some explorations have smaller output dimensions than others or fullscreen. This can be manually cropped out.
    Example being: Screenshot - 234fbb3e734b77c577b1806ed8d28500 - Gyazo

  • Any issues or questions feel free to PM.

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Thank you for posting solution. It is worth noting that AmiBroker is able to do explorations with tens or hundreds of millions of lines of output in a matter of seconds. Such large output may choke many 3rd party programs. Exporting such output to image would result in unmanageable image (with 10 million lines and 10 pixels per line you would have image with 100 million pixels height that would break all image reading software). Just a heads up. For large outputs CSV or HTML is more manageable.

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