Possible to use different timeframe on two different chart sheets


Is it possible to use two different timeframes on two chart sheets? I don't mean two charts in the same chart sheet, as I know that this is possible. I would like to display charts on Sheet 2 using a different timeframe to the charts on Sheet 1.

I was thinking the the way to do this would be by using AFL, using the function TimeFrameSet(), and by somehow determining the sheet:

if( sheet == "Sheet 1" )
  TimeFrameSet(60)  // 1-minute bars
else if( sheet == "Sheet 2" )
  TimeFrameSet(120)  // 2-minute bars
  TimeFrameSet(300)  // 5-minute bars

Is something like this possible, by determining the active sheet?

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Just open a new chart but not different sheet of same chart. There in new chart you may select different time frame. And you may place both charts side by side. And if you intend to use the same AFL in both charts then you may insert AFL by "insert linked".

You mean: open another chart on the same sheet, and use a different timeframe on that chart?
I know how to do that, and use the sybol link option at the bottom of the sheet. But I don't want to do that. I want to use a different timeframe on a different sheet.

I don't know if this is possible. I had hoped to find a "Sheet" option for the Status() function, but this isn't supported.

No, not on same sheet. I don't mean chart pane but File-New blank chart or File-New default chart.

What for? What is the advantage over New Chart?

Sorry @codejunkie, now I understand what you mean.
I would simply like to work using chart sheets, if possible.
AB is normally so flexible with regard to configuring it, I thought that this would have been possible.

did you found the solution? I am looking for the same solution also :slight_smile:


Hey @polomora, Did you find a solution for this?

Personally I find hotkeys so much simpler then changing a pane. Ctrl-w for weekly ctrl- d for daily.

Can customize them all in customizations.

You can simply use
TimeFrameSet(inYOURINTERVAL);. You want on sheet one 5 minute chart, you open new chart with 5-minute periodicity and then in same chart in sheet 2 you can use TimeFrameSet(in5Minute*2); for 10minute periodicity.

Hope this helps.