PostgreSQL database & AB connection

Hi guys,

Sometimes I work with external Mysql databases via ODBC. It usually works well but I realized sometimes AB gets "Empty" instead of the correct array, being the query ok. So it is a random behavior when processing a lot of symbols and I have noticed WorkBench frequently hangs for a while, I want to try with PostgreSQL.

I have connected a test PostgreSQL database with AB and it seems to work well, but the following doubt has arisen. To work with PostgreSQL, I had to create a user DNS that is linked to a specific database, so I guess I'll have to create other users' DNS for each database I want to work with simultaneously, right? I don't remember doing that when connecting to my other Mysql databases. I just modify the database name in the connection string.

Does anybody know if there is some way to avoid creating other specific users' DNS to connect AB with a bunch of Postgresql databases?

I had never worked with PostgreSQL before, so any advice on this would be appreciated, too.

Thanks a lot,

I am not PostgressSQL expert, but in other DBMSes you create ONE user and give it the access rights to multiple databases and that is all what you need to do.

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