Posting Files and Photos?

Is there a way to upload files and photos (not attached to a specific message) to the new forum? I have a file that provides AFL formatting for UltraEdit that I would like to contribute.


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This sounds very interesting as I use UltraEdit a bit.
But I haven’t seen any way of posting an image or file without a message.
Won’t it need a message to explain what the file is?
You could post it in a new topic in the AFL Programming category with a brief message explaining what the file does.

Of course I would include a message but it would be nice to have an area for files to make it easier to find later without searching for the original message.

The file is much longer than a code snippet and it would be best to simply download with the file name and extension intact.

UltraEdit is handy for lots of things. I want to suggest it on the file comparison tool thread and include the formatting file.

That would be a good start.
It may be possible that once it is posted, you are able to get the URL for the file and use the same URL to point to the file in other topics.
So it only gets posted once but can be referred to many times.

You can copy-paste photo/image directly to your post. There is also “upload” button for that.

But non-photo files are considered security risk. Please use external services (dropbox for example) and link to the files.