Power cuf-off while on Amibroker

Hi All,
It was late and my mind was tired. I switch off the power button without shutting down window.
This morning, the Amibroker screens turn dark. Right click on the chart and select edit formulaAmibroker_screen
Some setting files might have been corrupted.

Any tips on how to fix will be much appreciated.

OK. I cleared all the charts and re-insert linked all the charts.

For what it is worth, AmiBroker creates automatic backup of one of crucial files that might get corrupted during power failure, i.e. broker.newcharts. It is backed up to broker.newcharts.bak, so you can use it to restore charts.

If this does not help, you may try loading some other layout from "Layouts" window to see if the chart loads.

If not, then if you have a backup copy - then please restore:

  • the entire "Formulas" sub-folder
  • broker.newcharts file
  • layouts (AWL files stored in "Layouts" subfolder of your database folder).

Alternatively - just display a new price chart from the "Charts" window (double-click on Price (all in one) and close the chart panes that show the error message) - as you did.


Hi Tomasz,
If I go Template and save all the Sheet tab to .chart file, and if incident like this happen again, I can just reload all the .chart files. Possible ?

My 2 cents, but what TJ has clearly written, is backup of various folders in the bullets.

For sake of simplicity, just copy the whole parent folder, that is Amibroker directory and do it regularly.
Your scenario is specific to that incident but you never know what can get corrupted.
Due to a driver issue, I got some BSODs and some random symbols lost all their data each time.

For advanced users, one can backup the registry as well or generally even enable system restore.

Ideally, you want to restore a full working version so there is no doubt that you will carry over something that may have changed. This applies generally to all stuff, not just AB.

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@Peter2047 sure you can save everything to .chart file but this covers one chart window (with all sheets).

Many thanks.
This incident happened before but the last one is entirely my fault.
But I accumulate too many AFLs and having a hard time hunting down the right ALF. Saving by Sheet # to .chart is a lot simpler.