Prevent AmiBroker from Appending 1, 11, 111 etc. to AFL file names

Hi I searched the forum for append, etc. but didn't see this question asked. Hopefully not a dupe.

When I insert an AFL indicator on a chart, say from the Custom folder, the indicator file that chart is displaying is actually a file in the Drag-Drop folder and has the string " 1" appended to it. Over time I wind up with multiple copies of the same indicator. If for any reason I want to add the same on to a chart twice, I get two different files for the same indicator on the same chart. If I'm still developing this indicator, it's maddening to keep them in sync.

Is there a way to prevent AB from exhibiting this behavior? I looked at the preferences under AFL and Editor and I don't see an option to do this. Thanks!



It is all described in the Users' Guide:
If you "Insert" it will create a copy, if you "Insert Linked" it will NOT create copy.

Hi Tomasz,

Thank you very much. I had searched a term or two in help, but alas, not
the right ones :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing me to that, and I hope having this
information in the forums helps some others.