Price action afl

Hi All !!!

I tried with many traditional indicators for intraday scalping and did not find any one giving good results.

I read on net that price action theory is best for intraday.

So, any one using any price action theory base afl —could you please share or guide me to get a good afl for intraday scalping style trades ?

Can any one help me least some hints.....please....

@santy: What have you tried? You have been around on the forum long enough to know that you get better results when you post some code and ask for specific help.

Did you SEARCH? Show us your effort, and your style of working with price action. Don't just ask for an AFL. If someone has a working AFL that they are making money with, why would they share it with you?

If you find a great money making AFL, are you going to want to share it with us???

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Yes, well said the truth....