Price action coding

I am learning about a kind of pattern trading referred to as price-action rather than indicator. An example would be an upward breakout from a downward trending and narrowing wedge, followed by a confirmation move.

I am not asking for anyone to write code for me, just a general question:

Can such strategies be coded? If so, how can I begin to learn what variables and functions would typically be used? Are there examples of code that I can study to get an idea of how to approach the coding problem of 'exploring' for such price action patterns?

I have read Howard Bandy's Intro to AmiBroker (excellent) and am now working on his Qualitative Analysis. But it is difficult to learn a thousand things just to find the 10 things you wanted to know.

Thanks for any clues.

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If you can quantify a pattern then you can code it. Some places to search for anything AmiBroker related is to look at the “Trader’s Tips” section (but it would help if you read the magazine article the tip is based upon) the User Library, and this forum.

Some examples of patterns (not exactly the pattern you are asking about) that may help you get started:

Wedges and stuff,

More flags,



portfoliobuilder: Thanks very much.

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