Pricebar below date axis

This quote I update manually every day, but today the candlestick bar closed below the bottom date axis when I switch from different chart sheets. In som chart sheets the candlebar is above (normal) date axis but in some it is below the date axis.

This is the only candlestick bar in my database where the candlebar is below data axis.

What happend?


@joeoil, as a first step, check the settings of your chart:


Is "Automatic" scaling enabled in the "Parameters" dialog?
You can invoke the dialog clicking the right button of the mouse on your chart:


Check also your code if you use the SetChartOptions() function to set some limits (ymin, ymax).

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You possibly have applied these two buttons of AmiBroker toolbar

Left one squeezes chart and right one stretches chart. It is per chart pane setting.

Or you have done this via SHFT+Left mouse on price axis.


So double click on price axis (if you see up-down arrows there) to restore to normal state.

(double click on price axis if mouse cursor changes to up-down arrows there)

Also in your AFL search for line with

GraphXSpace = ...;


With that variable you can squeeze/stretch chart programmatically by assigning a (positive or negative) number to it.


GraphXSpace = -20;// positive numbers squeeze chart, neg. number stretch chart in y-direction

Thank's for responding, beppe and fxshrat.

Automatic scaling is enabled in parameters dialog.

The "problem" was solve for a short time with double clicking price axis to restore normal state of candle bars.
But when I close Amibroker and open Amibroker again, the same problem exists.

Preferences->Charting->Reset zoom to default when loading layout

Sorry for making you guys confused, but I have done a mistake when I was updating the quote manually.
By setting the LOW price higher than CLOSE price, the chart was messed up, I think.