Printf error in program that does not have any printf statements

Trying to run a rotational program

The relevant code is below
//Start Backtest
//Total_Issues = 0;
    if( status("Stocknum") == 0 )    // Limits code to be run only once regardless of number of issues in WL
_trace( "Volatility-0201 - stocknum "  + writeval(status( "Stocknum" ),1.0));
        if( Status( "action" ) == actionPortfolio )
        _trace( "Volatility-0202 - Inside actionPortfilio");
            bo = GetBacktesterObject();

When I run the code, the progam does not meet the criteria of
if( Status( "action" ) == actionPortfolio ) so the CBI is never called.

I do get an error message

Problem is that my program does not contain any printf() statements

Bad code? Corrupted Amibroker? Corrupted Windows?

The error comes from outdated Report Charts/Profit file that you are using
and that is used to generate profit table in the backtest report.

Please always use SEARCH before posting because your questions are already answered before: Error 61 occurs even though no % sign in the codes / file's / symbol's name - #9 by fxshrat