Printing Gradient Backgrounds to a PDF

I use a black background for charts as its visually easier on my eyes. When I go to print, the white backgound appears which is fine and preferred. However, it doesn't print the gradient backgrounds or in some cases the prices in the Y axis price scale so I was hoping someone could point me to a setting I need to change or if there is a section in the help I missed that would perhaps help me figure this out. Thanks.

I just tried with "Microsoft Print to PDF" print driver and it exports PDF with gradient just fine.

Your problems may be caused by outdated printer driver.
When you print a chart, the chart is rendered into Windows Metafile (that is what Windows uses for printing). Trouble is where Metafile was originally designed by Microsoft, Windows GDI did not have GradientFill method. GradientFill was added later and new record in the metafile appeared. Since they added it a lot later, some printer drivers may not implement it at all. But Microsoft Print to PDF in Windows 10 and above seems to work with gradient just fine.

Anyway, you did not include FORMULA. How can anyone help you with your formula without having it???

Tomasz, thank you for the background information on windows printing. As for the formula, I don't have a problem with the formula as it is working as expected... it was printing where I had the issue so I didn't think the formula was relevant. Also, as an aside... you helped my with the formula long ago so I assumed it was correct! :grinning:

OK, it is not the point whenever formula is correct. It is. However formula is needed in attempt to try to REPRODUCE the problem in controlled environment.

Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

Tomasz, my apologies I should have included the formula and I will do so going forward. I also apologize for teasing you a little as it was not taken with the humor intended. I do appreciate your help and I am sorry for the waste of your time.

As an aside, I was not able to print any formula with a gradient background (Graham's P&F etc) from the library using Microsoft's print to pdf. I verified I have the latest version and all updates to windows 11 but it must be something outside of Amibroker so I will continue to research the issue.

Again please send the formula.