Problem clicking results from Exploration using Daily and Weekly charts

Daily/Weekly Period Charts and Results From Explore

This strategy uses two time periods of Daily and Weekly, as shown by Chart No1 on the attached pdf file.

The two charts a links by the red symbol link.

When the symbol is changes by either typing the code on the top command bar, or selecting the new symbol from a watch list, the symbol changes in both the Daily and Weekly windows.

When the cursor is changed on one window, the chart in the other window has to be manually scrolled to align the dates. The cursor is automatically aligned on the both charts.

This is all OK, and the windows behave as expected.


When the Analysis uses Explore list, to check for setups across the ASX Exchange, and any one of the symbols in the list is clicked to show on the two window Layout; the Weekly window changes to Daily, along with the LH Daily window. The RH window can be changed back to Weekly, by typing in “W” on the top command bar, but this is very time consuming, when quickly viewing all the setup from the Explore in the Analysis action.

This is shown in Chart No2


It is not known why selecting a symbol from the Analysis / Explore list, does not work the same as in Chart No1, or is this the way that it is supposed work.

Thank you for any suggestions, or requests for more information.


Charts are shown on the next page.

If I understand you correctly, your problem is that when you click on the exploration results, your charts (linked by Symbol) change interval. It happens because your charts are automatically synchronized with the exploration results (both symbol and interval). You can solve your issue in at least two ways:

  1. Use Interval lock feature. Click on the padlock symbol on the bottom line of the chart and select Interval lock.


  1. If you don't want to lock the Interval of any charts, before selecting a stock from the exploration results list, click (make active) your chart in a daily timeframe (not the one in a weekly timeframe) . If you do this, the interval of a weekly chart won't be changed. In this way, your charts will be synchronized to new symbols (those linked by Symbol), but the charts which are not active, will not change their interval.

Hello Milosz, Thank you for understanding my problem and a specially very big thank you for providing such a simple solution.
AmiBroker is such a delightful program to work with, but, unfortunately, I do not have enough years left to learn all that I would like.
Once again, thank you for your simple solution and the speedy reply.

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Hello Milosz,, sorry for the incorrect "Solution" tick. I hope that I have corrected my error.

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