Problem in scanning n Apx files simultaneously in Batch

Batch1 Batch2

In image Batch window, if we want to scan two . Apx files , then it scan only latter one and then show msg " Scan completed". It does not scan first file.

How can it scan both the files. So that scanning in both apx files could start.

In the Docs it says "Sequentially", not Simultaneously.

I tried running the same order of commands, look closer, it is one window but both APX run one after the other and the last one scanned is the one that stays.

I am not aware if Batch was supposed to open multiple windows and keep all of them open but it seems to do what a batch job is doing.

Maybe if you tell us what you want to achieve, you would get appropriate suggestions.

My objective to open two windows, so that two scan could run simultaneously. Is it possible through batch processing?

Why don't you just do Auto-repeat for each AA ?

Using ole, window script host, it is possible. I know that way. But, is it possible using Batch , that's my question.

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