Problem retrieving symbols from Metastock

After downloading updated Metastock data and after clicking configure in database settings, I've added the new folders created. In many cases, after highlighting a folder and clicking retrieve symbols, I notice "done" comes up immediately in the box to the right of retrieve symbols without the usual few seconds of data going through that box. As a result, after clicking ok twice to close down the operation, no symbols show up in the undefined list. Can anyone explain what I should be doing differently to correct this issue?

The MS plugin only reads legacy MS data with MASTER/EMASTER/XMASTER files. You need to make sure that these files exists and they are not empty.

I'm using Metastock plugin so according to the user guide, the importer is not to be used. Therefore, Master files are not applicable, I assume? This is the first time I'm updating Metastock and I created a new folder. In configure mode in database settings, I added individual folders for each exchange for the north american markets. The first one took the data (F1.DAT files) and upon clicking retrieve symbols, took the data and populated the undefined file under markets. Now that I attempt to do this with other folders of other exchanges, when I click retrieve symbols, instead of it performing the brief activity in the window to the right, it immediately says "done". Then after clicking ok on each active window, nothing is populated in the undefined market, so obviously it didn't download the data. I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that the database is listed as Metastock Legacy and that the updated symbols are in a new folder separate to Legacy? However, it downloaded one of the exchange folders ok, it just isn't downloading the others.

MASTER/EMASTER/XMASTER files are applicable and required by BOTH importer and plugin. Everything that applies to importer automatically applies to plugin and vice versa because both essentially use very same code to access MS data. The symbol list IS INSIDE master files. Master files are essential. Without those, you can't access MS data even if you have Fx.DAT files.

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