Problem using Import() of OLE Object after Windows Upgrade (Solved)

Two weeks ago I decided to upgrade my laptop's operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

To avoid having to reinstall everything, I chose to keep the programs installed and all the data (AKA, Windows "in-place upgrade").

Except for some small details that I have found, everything has continued to work fine, except for one thing: The Import() method of the Amibroker OLE object has stopped working completely... it doesn't throw any error, but it doesn't import any data either.

Today I found the solution, and I wanted to share it in the forum in case this happens to someone else: I only had to install an older version of Amibroker and reinstall the current version (maybe even reinstalling it would have been enough...).

I'm sad to say that I still have problems with Windows 10: Every day I try to use the Import() method of the Amibroker object, but it does literally nothing.

The only way I've found to make it work is to reinstall Amibroker. After doind this, today import method works perfectly again... but tomorrow I'll have to reinstall it again.

It's very annoying, because I've not been able to discover an explanation of this behaviour.

Does anybody has an idea to help me resolve this problem?


It seems that something that you have on your system (antivirus? registry "cleaner"?) messes up with system registry and unregisters OLE servers.

Try running AmiBroker ONCE with right click on its icon and choosing "Run As Administrator...".


I restored the antivirus configuration a few days ago, and since then the import() method is working with no issues!

Thank you very much, @Tomasz!!