Problem with Amibroker Charts

Dear All Amibroker Experts,

In my Amibroker window i have the 3 min, 15 min, 30 min & hourly charts. In any of the charting time frames if i draw a trendline normally its getting reflected in all the timeframes . Today while i was just working on the 30 min chart some how i deleted the price indicator which is in candlestick format and then reinserted it. From then on i'm facing a problem like if i draw a line in 3min or 15 min or hourly charts its not getting reflected in the 30 min chart. I don't know what went wrong.

Can someone kindly help me out to solve the issue.


Sonjoe Joseph
(A screen shot is attached below were u can see i have drawn a trendline in the hourly chart but in the 30 min chart its not showing. Please help me what went wrong)
30Min%20Chart Hourly%20Chart

See this
Can you check if the chart ID is consistent.
Also read below about insert or drag&drop and insert linked ways of adding indicators.

Somewhere in this context you may have broken the link.

Yes Travick the Chart ID has the problem is solved.

Thank You.