Problem with Amiquote 4.15 and adding a data source

I am trying to set up a new data source for Tiingo Fundamentals daily. Unfortunately, I just broke my script, so I created a dummy script first. It delivers the following output:

Also the import.log seems OK. But the field (test FORWARD_PE) is not filled in Amibroker.

Does anyone have an idea what else could be wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

Add $DEBUG 1 and check import.log file.

Thank you for your answer.

I have found the error. FORWARD_PE is automatically calculated from FORWARD_EPS and Close and if I am correct, the value cannot be set manually.

I recently Bought AmiQuote and using version 4.15 and Used Yahoo Fundamental Extra New without any problems.

Yes P/E is calculated because it does not make sense to import PE since it changes every day, while EPS changes every quarter.