Problem with buying AmiBroker

Hi, I was at the purchase page and tried to buy with a credit card. The card payment was flagged suspicious by the card company, and the purchase page stated that the payment was declined. I went to the credit card website and removed the suspicious activity flag from that transaction. Thus, now the money will be paid but I did not pass the purchase page. What can I do? I couldn't find an email to write to.

You can contact FastSpring directly quoting order number or our support email support at

Hi, sorry to write here, but I could not find any purchase support email. I was buying AmiBroker last night and my credit card payment was temporarily declined and after I told the card company that the transaction was by me, the payment was processed normally on my credit card's side. But, since the purchase page remained as payment declined, I do not have any purchase confirmation although my credit card was eventually charged. Can any one point me to where I can solve this problem?

As stated in Support changes effective June 1st, 2017, I think that there's only one support email: support at amibroker dot com

Thanks I'll write to that email address.